Media Stories About the Little Schitts

  • The Today Show

    Oh 'Schitt'! Playing with kids' toys landed this dad a gig with Netflix. This father's pandemic hobby helped him bond with his son and led to a new career path.

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  • CTV News

    Nanaimo man scouted by Netflix after creating viral toy art and photography

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  • CBC News

    Fold in the cheese: B.C. man keeps Schitt's Creek legacy going with stop-motion videos, 2 years after finale

    CBC News Video 
  • Vancouver Sun

    Nanaimo karaoke host and wedding DJ makes a stop-motion Schitts Creek tribute video that goes viral

    Vancouver Sun News 
  • PopSugar Family

    Crafty Dad Transformed Old Fisher-Price Toys Into a Schitt's Creek Playtown For His Son

    PopSugar News 
  • PopSugar Family

    A Creative Dad Used Fisher-Price Toys to Make a Music Video For Schitt's Creek's "A Little Bit Alexis"

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  • Scary Mommy

    Cool dad builds tiny Schitt’s Creek using his son’s toys

    Scary Mommy